HyperVibe G17 Pro (Pivotal) Pre-owned

HyperVibe G17 Pro (Pivotal) Pre-owned $2,999

Lowest manufacturer speed setting – Unloaded

Frequency (Hz): 5 / Displacement (mm pk-pk): 7 / G Force: 0.5

Highest manufacturer speed setting – Unloaded

Frequency (Hz): 35 / Displacement (mm pk-pk): 7 / G Force: 17.0

Classification: Pivotal High Resistance

Producing 17 G’s of force this validated high resistance platform will deliver the full range benefits. Related scientific evidence has verified benefits including: Improved balance and stability, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and mobilization of joints at low frequencies. Able to exceed frequencies beyond 23 Hz to develop explosive power essential in sports, improves muscle power, muscle strength & tone, increases overall muscle performance, raises testosterone level which allows fast-twitch white muscle fibers to fully recover at a quicker rate, raises growth hormone level essential to repairing and regenerating tissue, lowers cortisol level which helps minimize the effects of stress, exercises the perineal muscles reducing issues with incontinence, Reduces the pain, disability and progress associated with degenerative diseases such as Osteoarthritis & Parkinson’s through high resistance exercise.

The all new “G” line of training platforms from HyperVibe offers the most cost effective high resistance platform available in the market.

Manual, resistance straps, built-in tablet with over 80 easy to follow exercise programs. Along with personal access codes to HyperVibe’s customer support website filled with tutorial videos.