When it comes to service or repairs to your WBV machine your options are very limited. With most companies requesting you ‘keep the box’ it came in so you can dismantle and ship at your own expense back to them when problems arise. Sometimes taking weeks to resolve and be shipped back to you. Only to go through the effort of putting it back together all over again.

We offer service on location whenever possible. A pre-evaluation of your machines concern in most cases will discover the problem. Once replacement parts have been ordered and delivered we will book an appointment of mutual convenience and get you back up and running as fast as possible, without the aggravation and waiting.

Most service work can be performed within an hour or two, once we arrive. Travel expenses are based on the distance traveled to and from.

Service rates: $40.00 per hour and $0.46 per Klm.
We except Visa, Mastercard or Debit payable upon service completion.