Discover Whole Body Vibration

We are glad to see you too have discovered whole body vibration and are willing to do your homework investigating it further.

Since the fall of 2009 our extensive research into the world of whole body vibration (WBV) and I mean real research….. not just reading the pages of the marketing companies websites ‘selling’ us on the WBV benefits from actual scientific research articles and then how it’s assumingly all to translates to their machine.

By communicating with medical, fitness and engineering professionals from around the world and by actually going through the evidence based literature, has lead us to a very thorough understanding of this industry. The education has also given us the ability to evaluate a majority of machines available in the market place today. The time and effort spent was well worth the investment and we wish to share our findings with all of interest, as there is much misrepresentation too easily available and misconstrued by the consumer in most cases.

We also found this missing niche in the market place, to make available a resource for evidence based education and direction when it came to offering machine performance facts and for the sale and servicing of pre owned WBV machines here in Southern Ontario. We are committed to presenting and offering pre evaluated and inspected WBV machines at reasonable prices compared to new.

We would hope you find the information made available here of some assistance as you navigate through the world wide web in the hopes of shortening your learning curve when it comes to understanding WBV and how to properly evaluating the machines marketed. Feel free to contact us directly for assistance on machines you may be considering, there’s a good chance we may know more on a particular brand, or at least offer further direction to trustworthy resources.

Therefore, it is with confidence we welcome you to contact us when you are ready to inspect and experience our ever changing offers of low and high acceleration WBV machines as they are made available here at Southern Ontario’s only on-line and direct resource to market valued pre owned WBV machines.

This vintage whole body vibration machine was made in Paris Ontario during the mid 1950’s by the Tone All Corporation LTD. This fine example of vibration therapy history was owned by the wife of a tobacco farmer in Courtland Ontario. Their grandson had shared that his grandmother was a very active gardener and lived till her late 90’s using the machine almost every day. With it’s separately controlled vibrating handles and base, delivering a multi directional veritable vibration lasting for a total of 10 minutes controlled by a self timing dial it is a unique sensation that brings a smile to everyones’ face that has ever had the pleasure to experience. Sorry folks, this one is not for sale.